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Product Certification

Safety regulations in North America make it mandatory for electrical and electronic products to be certified by a nationally accredited Certification Body (CB) - in Canada - and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) - in the USA.

In the past, the choice of certification bodies was limited to CSA in Canada and ULI in the US. Today, the law in both countries allows manufacturers to choose from a number of alternative certification marks and labels of nationally accredited organizations that are equally recognized by the regulatory Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

As a nationally and internationally accredited organization, QPS's Third Party Certification Program is designed to meet all pertinent accreditation criteria.

Depending on the target market, QPS offers certification of products destined for the following markets:

Product Certification:

Recognizing that the quantity of a given product sold in a given market may be limited, and that the type of production/manufacturing process associated with the product in question may vary, QPS offers the following Certification Options designed to meet customers' specific needs and give them maximum flexibility:

Our Guide to Certification provides a brief description of the certification process and how to get started.
A list of all QPS certified products are made available to the public in a Directory of Certified Products.
Hazardous Locations Testing and Certification
A faster way to get approval for the U.S (including MSHA), Canada, Europe (ATEX) and the international IECEx Scheme.

CE Marking
Our technical experts will identify the applicable Directives, test your product, prepare the technical file, and assist you to self declare…
Industrial & Power Equipment Certification
Get the fast delivery and service flexibility you need to get your industrial equipment to market on time.
Field Evaluation
The "Just-in-Time" way to get your electrical products and/or fuel burning equipment and appliances approved.
Certification for the Global Market
Knowing the rules in the global market can be a daunting task. Let QPS simplify international approval of your product.
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