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Global Markets Access
If you are located in North America and you are selling your products in South America, Europe, Australia or Asia, you know how hard it is to find out what regulations you must meet and how to comply with them. 
Having over a quarter century experience in the standards and conformity assessment business, and being Accredited as a testing laboratory and certification body in the international IECEE/CB Scheme (for products used in ordinary locations) and in the IECEx Scheme (for products used in Explosive Atmospheres), has enabled QPS to acquire a thorough knowledge of regulations and market requirements of many countries around the world, and how to test for compliance to these requirements.
In cooperation with our Network Partners, and through our recognition in the above mentioned International Schemes, QPS can help you:
  • Identify the relevant standards and regulations in your target markets.
  • Understand the applicable requirements.
  • Get the neccessary training for your staff.
  • Establish the most suitable compliance program.
  • Achieve the required conformity for your products.
  • Obtain the mark of other certification bodies in countries where such a mark is either required by the market, or mandated by law.
Hazardous Locations Testing and Certification
A faster way to get approval for the U.S (including MSHA), Canada, Europe (ATEX) and the international IECEx Scheme.

CE Marking
Our technical experts will identify the applicable Directives, test your product, prepare the technical file, and assist you to self declare…
Industrial & Power Equipment Certification
Get the fast delivery and service flexibility you need to get your industrial equipment to market on time.
Field Evaluation
The "Just-in-Time" way to get your electrical products and/or fuel burning equipment and appliances approved.
Certification for the Global Market
Knowing the rules in the global market can be a daunting task. Let QPS simplify international approval of your product.
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