ATEX Services for the European Market
In Europe:

Manufacturers of electrical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres who intend to market their products in the European Union (EU) must comply with the EU Directive known as the ATEX Directive. The directive incorporates requirements covering the following major elements:

  • The application of the CE marking
  • Essential health and safety requirements
  • Products included
  • EC Type Examination Certificate
  • Conformity assessment options

As of July 1, 2003, all haz loc products entering the EU market (with the exception of some components) are required to bear the CE marking.

For category 1 and 2 equipment, the following is required under the directive:

  • An EC Type Certificate must be issued by a Notified Body (NB) to confirm that the equipment meets the relevant provisions of the Directive.
  • The manufacturer must have a quality assurance system

For Category 3 equipment, the manufacturer must have an internal production control system, however, an EC Type Certificate is not required.